Try as I might, again and again,
I can't seem to build a mirror out of pencil-and-paper.
Frankly, I'm not sure why this surprises me,
This latest rebirth of the age-old failure
I've long sewn into my spirit.
She says I'm living in a fantasy,
That my black Oz rips through Kansas like Dorothy's tornado.
Belinda's starting to get fuzzy,
Looking more and more like the Wicked Witch.
I'm clicking pretend ruby slippers.

And once again it's been denied,
The seventeen-year secret, my lost Ark.
It was my time and it was stolen from me
Swiftly, silently into the evening fog.
Acid rains in the pit of my stomach,
Acid burns through the walls of my lungs,
Acid thoughts melt the core of my conscience.
This mirror is a vortex
Sucking me into its cataclysmic depths
To a soundtrack of laughing bats.

I want to stick my stupid fingers into my eye sockets
And pry my skull in half so I can emerge
Anew from this rotting crysthallis.
I want to supernova in a glorious fireball
Of vitriol, uselessness, and one-dollar bills.
I want to breathe bullets, to spit lasers,
To scream knives into the face of everything and everyone.
I want to crush the universe with my mind
And drown with it in cold, organic nothing.

There's no reflection here.
It's all wrong and it's all my fault.
It's all my fault.
I didnt like it there really wasnt a ryhme scheme I coulld find and it was somewhat random I had no idea what u were talkin about as I read it and thats the biggest reason I dont like it anyway if u dont mind criting one of mine the links are in my sig
Quote by flame843
It isn't supposed to rhyme...it's not meant to be a song.

Quite honestly, I like it. It has that sort of randomness like SOAD would have, which I love their lyrics, but their music I feel is mediocre for the most part.

It could easily be a SOAD style sort of song.