...were walking around off base at around 9.
We saw this place called Book Box and we were like "WOAH BOOKS...wait we dont even read..." Whatever.
So we went in anyway and got bored.

Then we walked upstairs and stumbled onto whis crazy porn library thing.

SHIT...I meant to say "it", as in the room
It was huge, as soon as you got up there you were surrounded buy tons and tons and tons of Japanese porn.
We were all what?
Then we say this soda fountain and a place to order food.
What we didn't realize was that it was one of those places where you rent a room and some mags and do your business.

After the guy noticed us he was like woahahghg then led us downstairs.
We just walked out of that place stunned.
Then we realized what happened and were like woah.

Ummm, has this ever happened to anyone?

Okay, better question...

Has anybody ever even heard of this crap?
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folowing story is no bullshit:

I entered such a wankroom (it had 4 flatscreens, a wankchair and some tissues) with my brother for the lulz


wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

...and then I went back to bone my girlfriend, but the mosquitoes were going crazy, and she was like there was no way.
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i laughed so hard when i saw that...how does one even go about making that noise?
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this thread seems pretty :
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I literally laughed out loud man.
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i laughed so hard when i saw that...how does one even go about making that noise?

He said some crazy Japanese voodoo word that would make his ancestors haunt my souls for years to come... thats what that was...

Actually, I'm pretty sure he just said excuse me.
Their extremely polite here, even after happening upon their porn kingdom.
this is sorta similar?.. last summer in florida i was sitting in the beach house with my mom and we turned on the tv and this freaky porno was on and we thought my brother bought it.. but it turns out he didnt buy it and i guess all the tv lines in that strip of beachhouses were connected and the only one rented out was to like an 80 year old couple :O.. so i guess they enjoyed it?.. it was awkward
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