I've been playing guitar for about a year now, and I am thinking about learning bass aswell. I am just wondering, will I need to buy completely new pedals and things, or will some or all work with the bass. At the minute I just have an os-2, but I might be expanding. Is there anything else I will need?

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You can use the same pedals. GET A BASS AMP. You don't wanna blow your guitar amp now do you? And for decent starter basses check out the Squire Vintage Modified Jazz/Precision bass or the Ibanez GSR200.
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get a thunderbird, thyre amazing (Y)

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get a thunderbird, thyre amazing (Y)

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adn u can play liek rley fast and goofd if u do.
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my recomendation is dont i suggest you focus guitar until you come to a stump in your ability where you feel another instrument can help expand herizons by mixing techniches(sp?) till then bass will just be a distraction
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definitely make sure you get a bass amp, i blew my guitar amp when i started bass.
I picked up a Conklin GT-4 Bass as my starter bass. I absolutely love it.
But it may be a tad expensive for a starter bass
what do you play? (genres) most bassists pay clean usually, don't worry about the pedals until you need some. also VVVV that can get you by.
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