I have my Traynor YCV50Blue in my garage where I play it, and the garage isn't insulated.

As it is getting colder, I've noticed that when the amp is running, sometime when I play it, it will emit a static-type of sound. Should I bring my amp in and keep it there? I don't know if it's just getting too cold for the tubes to function (is that possible?) or what.

Just bring it in, I guess?

EDIT: Okay, brought it in and it still crackles? Faulty tubes, perhaps? I don't know what would cause this.
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A crackeling sound is usually in the power section. Sounds like a power tube issue. Probably time for new power tubes.
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May be the tubes.
May be a bad cable.
May be the a bad solder joint in the output of your guitar or the input of the amp.

Try it with a different cable. If its still acting up try a different guitar. If neither of them are the culprit then check the input on the amp and the tubes.
Well, the fact that it's a floor model might be the reason - who knows how long those tubes have been there?

Alright, well, it might be my cable too, since it's a really old one from 12ish years ago.

Any idea how much a tube replacement costs, roughly?