Hey peeps!!

I got another Folk/Metal tune finished. This one took me forever and a day, or so it feels anyway. Started it, then put it away for a month, rinse, repeat. The premise of the song is that there is a group of warriors marching towards a battle that they won't return from. The song follows this idea throughout the intro/chorus/solo. The clean interlude is when they see the enemy, and the outro is the clash between the warriors and the enemy. That's the mood/feeling I was trying to convey at least. I haven't put lyrics to it yet, but I hope to soon.

Anyway, I'm glad that it's finally finished and am pretty happy with the results (except the drums and quality of course). The solo is just something simple that I put in. I wanted to do something a bit "better" but it fits the mood, so I did a little harmony with it. Once lyrics/vocals are done, I hope to re-post. On to the setup!!

Drums/Keys - All guitar pro 5. Won't use Beatcraft until I can get better sounding drums with it.
Bass - Hohner Steinberger copy into AMT DT-2
Clean Guitar - LTD M-255 into 5150 combo - Who says you can't get a nice clean out of a 5150!!
Dist Rhythm - LTD M-255 into 5150 combo - Nothing special, just some stereo panning
Leads/solo - Kramer Vanguard into 5150 combo - Needed a different sound, so I used a different guitar.
Mic - Just a little computer mic that you can find at any Walmart. All guitars recorded with this.
Program - N Tracks Pro

As always, all comments and crits are returned.

*Song is in my profile under "Last Stand".*
5150 combo
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ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
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Bos SD-1 (boost)

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Hey man- this song is pretty sick. definitely conveys the scenes you described above. My favorite parts are the harmonized leads over the rhythm. the track does well to invoke emotion, and has a bit of an epic feel to it.

the drum track is pretty good, though at some parts maybe the cymbals are a little too loud. thats really the only thing id suggest. other than that very nice work and well played/composed.

Sounds nice dude Like the "main theme" welldone! Im surprised that you got so god sound with just that equipment! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=981578 any thoughts?
Reminds me of braveheart, in a good way.
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Nice recording quality to say it's done with a cheap mic. Decent clean and rhythm tones. Nice riffs and the harmonized sections sounded awesome.

Tight Playing all round.

Definitely needs some vocals. Could be really awesome with vocals as a song.

Nice main melody. Catchy.

Nice phrasing on your lead work.

You should look into EZDrummer for drums as they will probably suit you well.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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It lacks balls. Alot of that is obviously due to the drums, but putting some compression on it couldn't hurt.

The drums is really the weakest link, especially on the faster blast beat esque drum pats. If you got drumkit from hell, then ran it through t-racks I think it would sound really good. It's a bit repetitive ( maybe because you're planning to add vocals? ), but other then that I like it.
That was great! i liked the harmonized leads the best, it did make me think of some great battle, and it definetly has some epic feel to it. All in all, it was great.
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Glad you guys liked it!! There's so much more I want to do with this song yet as well (big vocal harmony for chorus, fix up the drums, more harmony for other parts, some acoustic stuff, and a whole lot more).
5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

My Youtube Vids http://youtube.com/user/mogar
Im having a hard time seeing "warriors" in the old context here but i can definately feel some gangsters possibly in a city all sitting around a table then gettin up and walking towards their impending doom lol. I think the electric guitar takes me out of the midevil frame of thought :P
Maybe a wild west feel from it there at one point haha .. anyways

It sounded great man i can definately see this in a movie or something with the main guys gettin all ready for the final battle scene.

There is absolutely nothing i could suggest for this. I think you would need a really dark voice to sing over it which would sound sorta cool i think.

But good job good job good job!!

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Do you have a different link??? My computer sucks soooo bad and I can never stream tunes from myspace or ultimate-guitar.... Maybe a youtube or mp3 download?
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I Fcking loved that man! Really made me picture warriors marching to a battle, like you said. Sounded a bit like a Blind Guardian song. Great stuff. Drums got a little wierd when they were hitting 16th notes and guitars were all pretty slow, right after though it was awesome (around 1:50)


Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=16810495#post16810495
Just 1 question, how do you get a cheap mic to have such good quality? Where do you put the mic at, in front of the amp? Please lemme know.

This song is awesome.
Lots of trial and error really. ATM I have it ~2 inches from the grill cloth and 3 inches away from the center of the cone and at a right angle. Also, I put an old sock over it to act as a noise dampener (pretty sure this also gets rid of any nasty extreme high's in the sound). So if your stuck with a crummy mic like me, just keep messing around with its position and you should be able to get an acceptable sound with it. I also do a lot of layering and panning of my instruments. The rhythm was one guitar 80% left and one 80% right, lead was 25% right, lead harmony was 18% left. The eq's for the guitars were each different (both on the amp and in final mixing) but they all had the frequencies above 12,000kHz and below 40Hz cut back a bit to get rid of some fizz (12k+) and to make room for the bass and drums (40Hz and below).

Also, make sure to turn off ANY eq's or bass boosts on your computer or speakers as these will screw up your eq'ing during mixing.

Always make the best of what you have!!
5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

My Youtube Vids http://youtube.com/user/mogar
Thanks for the good ideas! My recording hardware recently broke, so now I'm stuck with a normal mic too, lol. I'm gonna try out the things you said!

Hey there!
Very cool tune you got there! The recordings are done nicely.
At roughly the 3:00 min mark, the drums do seem to get sortof fuzzy.
Did enjoy the clean guitars.

Great work!!!

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Thanks for the crit.. Nice intro... love the main riff, it's catchy and all in context of the song. You've set the mood and you've captured the theme you were trying to convey brilliantly. I don't know why you don't like the drums; I think they fit well and add an extra intangible quality. I liked the lead section at 4.00 and how it kicks back in with the outro. Sweet song. I could imagine this in the opening credits of a middle age war movie.
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awesome progression. reminds me of iron maiden right off the bat!!! thats a good thing in many ways. then the harmonies come in solidifying the maiden complement! okay the blast beat almost in comparison to the black metal style which is also cool, but not too long which makes it much easier to listen to but gets the point across, good job. you got your timing down which matters when you put your music up on here cause ive heard a lot of stuff that people should just back down and ask them selves "does that really sound ok?" the appregio stuff after the second blast beat is good then the clean, which i do and love as well ( i would like to thank in flames/metallica and bands like that for the dynamics in rock/metal)

overall this is very awesome man, i enjoyed the listen and hope you keep up the badassness!!!!!!!
\M/ b4br4d \M/

very cool riffs. drums sound kind of weird/fake i see its from GP5, atleast you have drums. It does sound like war music in a cool way. metal version of a war song. folk metal is a good way to put it. which there was more than that one repetitive riff. needs more too it, some sort of a chorus other than the one with the banging snare drum.
good stuff

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Pretty cool, man. Some nice shit you got there. I'm a HUGE folk metal head, and I just love tunes like this. Something about them just really takes me away.

Edit: just saw the other stuff in your profile, good to see another Ensiferum and Wintersun fan, 2 of my favorite bands in the world! Jari Maenpaa is GOD!!!

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