I was looking at guitars the last day and i saw a sweet looking one by a company called Aria.the model of the guitar is a "Mac-50".Its fitted with a single humbucker and 2 single coils,it also has a whammy bar.i wud hav bought it right der cos it looked so gud.But does anyone know much bout dis guitar?If its any good? Wat to expect from it?Value for money?please post if u do!!thanks
Cliff Burton played Aria basses, and he's kickass.

That's all I know.
Well I have an Aria acoustic, and it's pretty sound, not a clue about the electrics though.
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arias from the seventies are great. fantastic even, japanese guitars, on a par with the tokai and grecos from that time, and made in some of the same factorys. Quite collectable now.
modern ones, as far as I know are pretty cheap and cheerful, but not quality