Im not really sure is it the same as like an MIM and american made guitars???
what? what models are you talking about.

edit: the difference between the standard MIM and MIA is the place of assembly/production of parts. the MIM's have all parts/assembly done in Mexico, whereas the MIA's all use American made parts/ assembly.

The main difference is quality, obviously. the mexican models have much lower stock-factory quality (blemishes, joints/spaces, overall poor assembly) whereas the MIA are assumed to be perfect out of the box.

however, there are a couple of models of the MIM strat (the classic players, deluxe players) that use american made parts, but are still assembled in mexico.
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I think I know what he means.

In some UK online stores, when you go to buy a MIM Standard Stratocaster, some have '(upgrade)' written after them, but there's no mention of what those upgrades are. GAK are the worst offenders for this, they just copied & pasted the old description and don't say anything about the upgrades.

All it actually is, is the Standards were 'upgraded' to have a satin finish on the back of the neck, and ceramic magnet pickups (the older version had alnico v magnets and glossy necks). The pickups are really a downgrade though, they only reason they made the change to ceramics was because it's quicker and cheaper to put one ceramic bar in than individual alnico V pole pieces.

Anyway, you can't really get the old Standards anymore, so no point worrying about it.
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well, like If i type in left handed strat or whatever there'll be stratocaster(uprgrade)

What does the upgrade mean??

Sorry i kinda worded it gayly lol
spot on mrfibble, are these strats MIM then, seein as they are usually at least half the price
of AIM?