since ive seen that many other teams already have a thread i thought that we should have one to. Lets try to help us on each task with suggestions and things like those in here.

teal team:

"S"=submited, "NS" = not submited, and "G"=already in group

6stringmaniac: S
Code Red Virus: NS
CrackAddict2000: S
geoguitar: NS
Jackal58: S
Neer: NS
newaccount: NS
nithin909: NS
peterom11: NS
pr0pedestrian: NS
Preid: S
Ralbert07: NS
RevaMissp1ss: S
RubberPuppiessu: S
Rworsl: S
Saintsatan: NS
skaguitarist53: NS
SonataFanica: S
The Slunk: NS
Wiirdo: NS

any errors in the list please pm me.
i need a group invite so i can see who is in and who isnt(and of course because im in te team :peace
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