I have an Ibanez 370DX in which I love. It is the black and white camo one. It has the stock INF pickups, two humbuckers and a single coil in the middle. I am thinking of upgrading the humbuckers to an Air norton in the neck position and a D sonic in the bridge position. I am going to keep the single coil in the middle because I like the sound of it. I am a big Fan of John Petrucci so that is my reason for choosing those pickups.

I am currently using the Cube 30x usually the rectifier channel and the clean channel. The delay on this thing sucks and I am thinking of buying the Boss dd-3 to go along with the pickups.

Now to the actual question. I know the delay pedal will make a huge improvement to my sound because I am just using straight distortion as of right now because of the lack of configurebility and digitalness of the onboard delays sound, but will upgrading the pickups show a significant iprovement in the sound quality I get from this amp. Is it worth it to install these pickups? If anyone has a similar setup that can comment or someone that knows what they are talking about please give me a holler back.
Personally, I'd save my money and get a new, all tube amplifier.

Which is probably what everyone else here is going to tell you.
I forgot to mention that If I could I would definatley buy a nice tube amp. Right now I dont have a heck of alot of money and I was just wondering if getting pickups now would make a difference for me. If I do decide to get them its not like I would be making a bad choice. Tts not like they would go bad so when I am actually able to afford my dream amp then I would have the equipment to go along with it.
i have a squier strat and a ltd viper 400 and they both sound the same through my cube.
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Put it this way, it's not going to come close to making enough difference to justify the expense.

There's far more useful things you could be spending your money on.
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I have a Cube 60, and upgrading my bridge pickup DID have a noticeable effect on the sound, but that's because I upgraded from some shitty weak POS humbucker that came stock on my shitty POS guitar, to a Swineshead Venom, a high output ceramic humbucker.

So basically, if the pickups you want to retrofit are massively different to the current ones you have, and you want to install something that will tear your face off with sheer brutal and unrelenting power, then it may well have an impact.

But by the sounds of it you want to install something with subtle nuances, and delicate undertones that will float about and caress your ears. In which case, it won't have much of an impact on your sound whatsoever. And probably isnt't worth doing.

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