K so im 13 and i hav a new girlfriend. She's my first in several months and i brought it up in a conversation last night, planning 2 tell my parents. I said, "I was gonna go c a movie w/ alexis but she cant go" I told them she was grounded and when they asked y i, as we all do, told the truth and immediately regretted it. She got her nose pierced and got grounded 4 2 months. Being as straight edge as the amish, they were all, "she doesnt make good choices!" and shit like that. Worst part: i still havent told them shes my girlfriend. What should i say/not say? I really like this girl but my parents dont and they dont even know her. Help me UG!

P.S. Stabbing/killing/shooting my parents isnt an option. I've already tried....
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Youre too young for dating, try again in a couple years.
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seriously tell them to f*ck off and leave you be.

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If you're not sure how to go about breaking the shocking news of having a girlfriend to your parents, perhaps you shouldn't have one.