I'm a newbie 2 electric guitars. I recently bought a Washburn X20, which was stock fitted with 0.009-strings. Now i've decided to go in for 10's. Do i have to adjust anything serious with the guitar? I mean the truss rod and all...Will i be able to shift back to 9's afterwards, considering the slits in the nut might get increased? I'll add that I had removed one tremolo arm spring earlier to reduce the tremolo tension.
You wont need to do much for .10s from .09s, just adjust your trem so its flat.
I don't think so. It's not that big a difference. It's not like you're going from 9s to 13s.
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Cool...thanks...and ChucklesMginty, my guitar aint without strings...am gonna change to 10s on my next strings change...i made my tremolo floating, so gonna maybe hav2 put on the spring again.
i'm in a similar situation and don't want to start a new thread...but would I need to adjust anything in going from 11s to 12s on an acoustic...the guitar was previously set up for 11s from 12 but I'm going back now