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I'm putting this in the pit to include electric, acoustic, classical, 12 string, and bass guitars.

So, let's total up our years of experience. (add your number to the total before you)
Sorry it this has been done before...didn't see it done recently at least.

Also put what instrument(s) you play

Me- 1 year (electric and acoustic guitar)

Total- 1 year

Edit: added classical and 12 string
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8 years
total - 9 years.
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2 years now...i feel old.
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22 + 2 = 24 years
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classical 15
acoustic 12
Electric 8
That adds up to about 1 year
grok it.


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22 + 2 = 24

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32+6 = 38
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all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
put the pieces back together my way
2.5 years electric, 1.5 years acoustic, 3 months bass.

Total: 4 years, 3 months.
electric, 4 years. acoustic, 2 years. classical, 4 months.
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64+3 = 67
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64+3 = 67

67 + 7= 74

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2.5 with electric, and a little acoustic. I mess around on my friend's bass sometimes, so about .5 years there too.


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87 +5=

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