Hi ive been playing guitar for about 3 months trying to use the books and videos and stuff
but i want to buy a good amp instead of this little travel amp but i want a good amp that will last me through learning to were i can actually play i dont want to buy a new amp for each stage of how good i get i just want a good amp that will get me through it all (salesman at music store told me that) does any 1 have any suggestions on amops i need one under 200 i have a new fender strato caster and a les paul that was given to me for my birthday (never suggest guitars to family when they dont talk to eachother)
ur gonna need a lot more than 200 if youre gonna get anything like a good amp
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I cant sell one of the guitars the people that bought them are always around and they will know and it will cause problems

classic hard rock and minimal minimal country

well lol then an amp that will get me through just something that will do me good for about 2 years (rounded off ill prolly get a new one before that but bout that time frame)