Just a few ideas i have floating around so I thought I'd see what people thought of them and to find out whether they're worth perusing...

Obviously the solo in #1 is nowhere near complete, but I couldnt be bothered to delete the few bars I had

imo #3 is the best, as it sounds like a mix of Amon Amarth and In Flames

Cheers.. Sam
Melo Death..Thrash Riffs.zip
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It's not obvious you like Amon Amarth or anything

All really good riffs, though the use of an almost identical progression for both intros was meh. I liked the verses the most on both.
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dude amazing
could you give me some tips
this really good
and its so obvious you liek aman amarth
im not kiding it almost sounds liek them
Cheers, I've just added a couple more I found, if you guys wouldnt mind taking a listen..

I added '3' and 'Thrash'..

Thank you
I liked 'em. I think one thing that would make your songs a bit more interesting though is maybe putting some more fills and variations in because at the moment you're sort of just going from riff A to riff A with a harmony on top to riff B without all that much really changing.

Aside from that, maybe a slightly more fleshed out drum part in the first few bars of the 2nd piece? I understand the need to build it up but maybe just some cymbals to accent the right beats rather than just the 1 on every other bar.

Pretty good though, just some lyrics and dudes with rune shoes and you'll be set

I just sort of wandered into this thread cause I wanted to hear your stuff and I don't have any new stuff to be listened to yet, but I guess crit could be returned here.
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Return crit

1) I thought the intro was pretty cool. Pretty heavy, but still melodic. The chords in bars 18 and 22 seem awkward and out of place. The rhythm for the solo is too simple for my tastes, but the solo has a nice start.

2) I like the intro here even better than the first. Starts off heavy but slower and builds up in intensity. The orchestra is a cool addition too. The riff goes on for a bit too long though. The harmony is cool though

3) The intro is really heavy and I like it. However, when you changed which guitar was rhythm and which was lead on bar 9, it was kind of weird. But I'm just a nazi when it comes to that kind of thing . The break is a cool change of pace, but still keeps the brutality of the song. Like before, that main riff is a bit overused.

Trash) Cool intro riff. BAM! Drums come in, eargasm. Didn't like the verse as much as the chorus/intro, but the little key change thingy kind of reminds me of every Metallica verse ever (thinking Master of Puppets/Enter Sandman)

Overall, they are all great starts to songs. Just keep in mind that some of it is a little repetitive.