Hey guys, I've been looking around for a new guitar, and there are four that I've narrowed it down to:

Gretsch G5120 Electromatic Hollow body:

Steve Vai Signature JEM:

Fender Jaguar:

and a Gibson SG. Just the standard, natural-finish. I doubt any of us need a link for that...

But anyways, I can't really decide which one of these I'd like the most...if you could have one, which one would it be and why?

What genre do you play? You couldn't really play metal on the Gretsch like you could on the JEM...

EDIT: And what's your budget? That JEM is like $2000 more expensive than the Jag!
Cam Sampbell's my hero
i don't think you know what you want...
all of those guitars you linked are completely different from each other

what kind of music do you play?
I play pretty much everything except for Hardcore and most Country.

I have a MIM Fender Strat and a Takamine acoustic right now, which works pretty well for most genres.

Budget isn't too much of an issue. I have most of the money needed for the JEM saved up. And to be honest, the JEM is just about my ideal metal guitar. I've played it in Samash a few times, and I love the feel, look, sound, etc. The scalloped frets and Floyd Rose is just icing.

I do play enough jazz that the Gretsch and Jaguar are pretty tempting, and the Jaguar is also pretty great for alternative.
I also love the dual acoustic/electric capabilities of the Gretsch.

And finally, the SG is just a kickass, well-rounded guitar, kinda like my Strat. I'm least likely to get that, though.

Edit: Exactly. I play across such a broad spectrum, that I'm having difficulty pinpointing just one that fits perfectly, which probably isn't going to happen. The above four are the end results of me narrowing down which guitars are my favorite in which field:

Gretsch: Flamenco/classical/soft rock/jazz
JEM: Metal
Jaguar: Jazz/alternative
SG: Rock/general playing.
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