know any good hardcore songs that are pretty easy?
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when you say hardcore im assuming metal and any metal song is relatively easy so alot of them
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Hardcore isn't hard to play IMO.
Try some Hatebreed stuff?
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dude most hardcore songs are really easy to play

try out acacia strain "carbomb"

or "3750"
Limp Bizkit - the truth

love it :P
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casey jones, h2o, minor threat, gorilla bisects, youth of today any song from any of those bands
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when you say hardcore im assuming metal and any metal song is relatively easy so alot of them

Metal easy?

I want to hear your flawless cover of This Dying Soul by Dream Theater...

Hardcore isn't necessarily easy, I don't know where all of you got on the idea that it is. The songs are extremely strict on how tight the band must play. Both guitars typically do some sort of harmony or melody.

Just because you bandwagon asshats don't like a genre doesn't make it simple.

If you're looking for some complicated hardcore/metal/prog
Between the Buried and Me is a great band. All of their stuff is great.

As far as hardcore bands go, it's hard to categorize bands. However, there are a ton of bands which I could see their riffs used for hardcore such as Slipknot, job for a cowboy, and lamb of god. Metallica's St Anger has quite a few hardcore tasting riffs. Then of course there is always the breakdown of the song. As far as huge headbanging parts go, Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine takes the trophy for me, then Tool - Jambi has an ultra heavy part. Most breakdowns are just chugging or grungy palm muted patterns.
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The endimg riff to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Thats the scaryiest riff ive ever heard
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the devil wear prada is a good band for hardcore. and its sorta easy. but get the tabs for there old cd b/c its easier. and there music is fun to play.
Killswitch Engage - Self Revolution. I love playing that song. Vide Infra is a good one too.
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they're not as metal as you may want, but that doesn't mean you should check them out.

and kudos to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". most metal song there ever is. Don't even argue, Slash agrees too.

EDIT, I don't think you will be looking at this NVM!
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Quote by dreams broken
when you say hardcore im assuming metal and any metal song is relatively easy so alot of them

No, he means Hardcore, as in "hardcore punk". There's a good reason it has a separate forum.

Anyway, TS: try Bleeding Through and Chimera. "Kill to Believe" by Bleeding Through would be a good start as long as your picking is up to scratch. Also you might want to look into some grindcore like Napalm Death.
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maybe some Hatebreed, Gorrilla Biscuits, Sick of It All, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, or The Melvins....it doesn't seem a lot of recommendations here are actually Hardcore Punk, but I tried going with some older, "godfathers" of the genre. Hopefully they're good.