hey everybody !

situation is as such:

i need an amp, a good one preferably, i play through a shitty Peavey 158 rage atm (my first amp) and im starting to care about tone.
i would have bought a good new tube amp already if it wasnt for the fact that i most probably will be moving to another country (the states) to study/work. and since amps are alot cheaper there, i figure it would be smarter to wait and buy, than buy and move.

however theres still almost a year until the move happens.
question is, do i wait or do i buy. and if i buy, anyone have any experience transporting rigs overseas? if it is a lot of work and trouble (and money for that matter), then i might just pass.

just like moving furniture just put a fragile sticker on her its not a problem
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Waiting will be painful, but I say wait, save and when you finally make it to the states you will such a selection right at your fingertips and the money in your pocket to grab whatever you want.

Plenty of great used stuff here too!
probably NY
it isn't 100% decided yet, but almost.

yeah dude haha that is what i am thinking too =)
however i suffer from serious GAS =(
i kind of want another guitar now too
just save, and if you get 1000 USD you could pretty much have anything (excpet boutuque stuff) you wanted over here.
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Wait and save is your best bet, if you can wait that is. You'll do better in the long run if you wait.
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