Hi guys.
I am about intermediate player, I play stuff like Glasgow Kiss, Lost Without you, some of the intermediate Dream Theater songs, Metallica, Opeth, and a lot of different styles.
I need a new amp in a medium price range, between 0 and 500/600 €, maybe 700€ if it's really worth.
I have an Ibanez Jem 7V, a Zoom multieffect pedal and a crappy Marshall MG 15w
Petrucci tone is my dream but I can't afford anything of Mesa, so some other brands with a very good distortion channel, and superior to 30 w so I can play with my band?
It HAS to be good for Progressive/Fusion/Supreme Lead Soloing a-la Petrucci xD , but if it's versatile, so good. I don't know anything about amps so go easy with me xD
Thanks in advance.
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I've been looking into Bugera...their new amps are really promising.