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the easiest i know is hammer smashed face.

looks like you're ****ed.
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So I just woke up sitting in my desk chair, with my bong on the desk in a bunch of little pieces and my hand super glued to my penis. Speculations as to what the hell just happened and how to unglue my hand from my member would be appreciated.
Look to the first few albums. They have got more technical over time (generally). Still, it isn't that easy.
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Frantic Disembowelment

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Stripped, raped and strangled, also most popular. . . go more to Cryptopsy or get some melody with Necrophagist, but I can't promise they would be easier to handle.
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Metal, should kick you in the nuts, after you catch it messing around with your girlfriend.
and then make a sandwhich in your house and walk out.

stripped raped and strangled is relatively easy compared to some of their other stuff. Most stuff off of their earlier albums is easy compared to things off of Wretched Spawn or Kill.
Play frantic disembowelment its definitley the easiest, jk

Idk most of their stuff is pretty technical
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Dormant Bodies Bursting, Decency Defied and Slain are all simple as hell in general, not just for Cannibal Corpse tunes. Festering in the Crypt just has that ****ing sick solo.

Also, for everyone saying "Frantic Disembowelment," Purification Through Fire rapes that song in every possible way.


That riff is played in three seconds. Just NO.
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Necrobump dude. Last post is from 2008.

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and? People looking for something in net and me looking for easy song of cannibal corpse so I dont care when was the last post. I want help someone like me