i really need a new amp, i have ESP ltd ec-1000 i heard valve amps are good for running active pick ups through. I have a budget of £450-£500, and i play metal/ hard rock. wot would you guys recommend?
right you have an LTD EC1000...
that aside...

im now running a peavey 5150 212 combo, which im selling, but have been using for a while.
given advice from guys on here ive had some crushing sounds out of it.
Im offering it up for 425+postage, making it roughly 450 as its weighty...depends how loud and metal you want it tbh!
others on offer...valveking with mods, orange tiny terror + metal muff...or mine
Bugera makes some nice amps with a good amount of versatility. Check out the 6260 and the 6262. I'm pretty sure they're in your price range.
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i might be interested in your peavey 5150, what country do you live in
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the bugera is modelled on the peaveys.
i prefer the peavey...personal choice, thought bugera lacked its own mids..whereas the peavey has intense mids!

i guess its down to choice and tbh i find this thing solid as a rock, bugera just seem to me like the epiphone of gibson...you know what im saying.