title says it all.

i was just wondering because i have had the same shit equiptment for 4 years.

also, i did use the searchbar and the last thread simular to this was way old.


also where does everyone get the money? jobs?

i never have the money to buy new equiptment either so like wtf?
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well i was gonna buy a tube amp but i dont haver a job and i need to buy driving lessons and a car so not as often as i used to
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about twice a year besides picks and strings and accessory stuff. trading gear doesnt count.
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I haven't bought anything guitar related in about 2 months. I haven't had the time to even play guitar anyway. I'll be lucky to get an hour of practice each day =[
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It's been about 5 months since I last bought anything major (6505+ halfstack) and should be getting an Ibanez Xiphos around December time
Generally I buy new gear every year and a half or so
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i just bought a dunlop dc brick and mxr super comp two weeks ago.

and i just ordered some needed maintenance supplies on friday.

my strat i bought in august.

the marshall practice amp, last summer.

my other pedals were all like two years ago.

my wah, just over two years ago.

my behringer, three years ago.

my first guitar i got as a christmas present four years ago.

my first johnson acoustic, as a present five years ago.

my next purchase, i couldnt tell you when, it could be tomorrow, or never really. and strings and picks, i buy whenever i need them.
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I wait for my father to die, and inherit all the gear I could ever want.

thats wrong, really wrong
As often as I can.

But really, I buy what I need, when I have the cash to do so.
Lets see-

-Got a bass this summer

-Full bass stack before '09

-Order 8string in february

-7string bass next summer

-Pay rest of 8string next fall

Yeash, I'm covered
Whenever I can, dealing pot. :P
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thats wrong, really wrong

To bad he told me never to buy gear, for that exact reason.

maybe my family is wierd.
Well I'm hoping to buy a whole complete new rigg that will last me for a while, seeing as right now I have some sort of sense of direction I want to go in. But the last thing I bought that was fairly hefty was a... New Amp, which was off my guitar teach, but I think I need a new one, cause the distortion ain't cutting it for me, Marshall MG big one too, (Don't bother spewing hate either, the cleans on it are very nice, and I know the distortion is merh)
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The last thing I bought was my SG, a couple months ago. That's going to be the last piece of gear for a while unless I can get a good deal on a bass and bass amp.
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