im looking for an amp,if its a combo i would perfer it to be a 2 by 12.it has to be pretty versitile,i play metal/thrash if that helps.if its a head ill probably have to get it off of ebay cuz i dont have $1000 to whip out.i'll probably by a 2 by 12 cab seperatley.anyway i was thinking about getting a marshall avt 100.it has a 1 by 12 but thats an exeption.or should i get a vox valvetronix xl.50 or 100 watts i havent decided yet. or a peavey 6505 combo.if you guys have any other amp suggestions please let me know.,by the way i was looking at a randall warhead.i saw a guy at a show using it last night.it sounded amazing.
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Check out Bugera amps, they're alot like the 5150s (6505) except with a MUCH better clean channel.

They only come in 100 watts but they're dirt cheap for what you're getting.
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Peavey 6505 hands down
We have one in my band's practice space and it's ****ing horrible
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