I just put new strings on for the first time and I got ernie ball regular slinky 10s. I dont know what guage the strings previously on the guitar were but I tightened the 2 springs in the back almost all the way and the Low E and A strings aren't tightened yet. Do I add a spring or what?
you usually have to mess with the springs to get 10s onto a floyd rose or a kahler I'm not sure if you tighten them or loosen them
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try loosing the screws and loosen all the strings and start retuning
Do this, it helped me:

-Put on new strings
-Depending on how the brige sits, tighten or loosen the springs A LITTLE!
-Check angle, tighten or loosen srings A LITTLE!

You get the idea. Do that until the bridge is perfectly aligned. And remember, when you tighten the ssprings just a little bit, it wont look like much, but remember that after you tighten the springs the strings have a bigger tension than before, so after you retune them, the bride will drop a lot more. Please tell me if im not making any sense.
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Have you put ALL the strings on?
And have you also brought all the other strings close to pitch?

Because if you haven't you're pissing in the wind. You need all the strings on tuned approximately before you can worry about balancing the bridge or tuning exactly - if you've got strings on there that are way out then that will prevent you from tuning the other strings correctly because they'll need far more tension to bring them up to pitch..
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