so i have a few pedals lying around and no board.
has anyone tried cnb boards (the ones on rondomusic)

or experience with pedaltrain?
because there's a large price difference and im on a budget.

i plan to put 2 boss stompboxs, a jekyll/hyde and a small clone on it asap
and later on another stompbox and 2 other mxr pedals
can someone point me in the right direction as to what size i should get?

a dc brick would be best for this set up or can it be done with a one spot?

sorry im new to all this
save up for a voodoo labs pp2+. if there's one thing on your board that you don't want to cheap out on, it's your power supply.

also, like i've said many a time, if you aren't actively gigging with a band, build your own. it'll take $15 maximum, and less than an hour.


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