I'm in a 4 piece band..
I've been friends with this guy (rhythm guitarist) all through college and hes a nice lad but he has no mind of his own and he's very set on being the rhythm guitarist but he's shite, he's a route note follwing bass player at best.

He makes it worse by acting asif he's better than our bass player who naturally plays the guitar he's just playing bass because he wants to be in a band that much, i've told him that the bass player is better a few times but he gets in a stubborn mood and acts like a baby..

I've been in a few bands and i've always done whats best for the band whether it was biting my tongue and playing drums or bass even though I hate both those instruments.

Any ideas how to fix this problem without hurting any bodies feelings? haha
it's a pretty difficult thing, hearing that you arent good at your chosen instrument. Just because you can take it, doesnt mean everyone else can. How long has he been playing?
Don't play with people that have got no minds of their own. It will eventually just lead to unpleasantness
A guitar battle between your current rhythm guitarist and current bassist?

Or show him the Wooten guitar/bass battle.

EDIT: Well, you can tell him straight out honestly. But you can't really control him, unfortunately. Just ease it in somehow...
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so you tell him hes not as good of a guitarist as the bass player. Do you want him to play bass then and let the basist be the rhytm? Just talk to both of them, and if they agree, go for it. Or wait for slacker to come here, hell know what to do!
On a side note, i thought i was a worse guitarist than our bass player, since the guitar is his original instrument. That fear went away when i first saw him try my guitar .
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