Hi all, I've been scouring the net to find decent info on this to no avail so far. My question is how to properly remove/replace the saddles from a TonePros T3BT (the one for metric guitars). Has anyone done this to theirs? I have GraphTech saddles to install but I can't seem to get the screws off the saddle. The T3BT has the regular saddle screws with a hex nut at the end holding it on. Whenever I loosen one of these all the way (so that the saddle is at its max to the bridge) it feels like I am putting too much strain on the screw and it will not budge. Is there a certain way to remove these saddles?
Did some research and I found out that there is Loctite on the screws and nuts holding the saddles in. So to rephrase the question, has anyone had any experience with removing white Loctite? Also how to reapply the Loctite? It seems to only be at the ends of the screw almost like a washer. Thanks.