Hey everyone.. So i have a Ibanez SRX2EX1 4 String Bass Guitar, and i got it about a three, four weeks ago. I'm pretty new to bass. And when i first got it, it had some fret buzz on a couple spots.. if i remember correctly, just the 3rd String, 14th fret, and 4th string, 1st fret. Now, three weeks later, it started to get really really bad. And it turned into just string rattling. Real real bad string rattling. The string rattling happens on the E and the A strings, and a little on the D string. I tried adjusting the action, but the only way to get rid of the rattleing is to make the action pretty much unplayably high. I know it might be something to do with the tress rods, but i'm just wondering how much would it cost to take it to a local shop and get that problem fixed. Or if it could be another problem. Also, the strings are still the factory sets. But i doubt all that rattling is just the strings being old.
a setup around here is pretty cheap... i'd say about 15-30 dollars. But if that doesn't work i'd take advantage of the warranty, assuming you bought it new. Of course, if you bought it at a local store there's a good chance they'll do your setup for free.
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