I've been playing for about a year and I wanted to know what really makes a good solo. I usually use the blues scale, but I get so far on a lick and I repeat it because I'm stuck. Do you have any suggestions on what would make it flow better?
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What i would suggest is to try and imitate some of your favorite players, by learning some of their favorite licks. Try looking for pentatonic licks or blues licks on youtube. Also, try learning all the different positions of the pentatonic scale. Start there, and make sure you practice good technique.

EDIT: also make sure you incorporate bends, double stops , slides, hammerons and pulloffs. This is phrasing is what gives guitarists a distinct sound.
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What really makes a good solo is the chord progression backing it.
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For me its a combo of what the people before me have said. First, it should follow the chords well. Second, it should have nice flowing phrasing. Third, it should get the intended affect. Did you want it to be exciting? or slow bluesy and sad? Did everyone get that affect?

thats it for me. =P
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What really makes a good solo is the chord progression backing it.

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