I've been playing guitar about 3 and a half years but I haven't really progressed in about two years as I had to stop my lessons as they were too expensive.
I can play chords really well so forget about them. But tab is different, I can play songs like Pantera cemetry gates and cowboys from hell, and can play most of metallica master of puppets. But I'm still not that good and people that have been learning less than me are better in terms of playing tabs.
Anyone got any pointers on what songs would be good to learn or what I can do to improve? I'm finding it hard as I'm not a complete beginner so all the song lists for them are too easy but I'm not very good at finding my own songs to learn.


well, what i did was learn scales, and try to play them really fast and accurate.
Then I started to learn slow songs like dust in the wind, smells like teen spirit. And then I would play them 3x as fast as they're recorded
and then i just started on learning the "good" segments of songs.
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All that theory my guitar teacher tries to drill into my head just gets buried under piles of porn and I never manage to apply any of it
ya learn some the pentatonic scales and what not. by now try writing some of ur own stuff.