Is this a good guitar? I currently have a Fender Mexican Strat. Would this be a step up?

Above all, I know it's about what I like best, but my local Guitar Center doesn't carry Washburn electrics. I am still yet to check out Sam Ash though.

I love the look of the guitar and it has good reviews, but how's it?

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The WI64 is alright, but I don't know if its better than a mexican strat, thats a stylistic question, because the WI64 is more of a les paul-style.

They are nice guitars though, the WI series in general is top notch, very reasonably priced too.
I have a MIM Strat (from when they were good too)

And a Washburn WI64PL (A limited edition deluxe).

The weak points of the MIM Strat are the tuners, trem and electronics. The weakpoint of the Washburn is just the electronics.

The Washburn's hardware is very nice, Grover tuners and all. Buzz Feiten Tuning system is unheard of on a guitar this cheap. Neck feels great, feels so much nicer than an Epi neck, feels better than Gibson SG Specials and Gibson LP Studios too. The Craftsmanship is great, great set neck. Mine has a one piece neck, I think the normal WI64 is a two piece neck.

I play my Washburn more than my strat

The WI64 did win an award when it came out as the best guitar under $1000... and it is WAY under $1000
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