Hello all, This is my 1st post and was looking for some much needed help.
i have just bought my 1st guitar and afew books as i wish to learn to play guitar as a have done for years. Was wondering what is a good place to start? I have tryed looking at the tabs a can understand them but find it difficult to play together. I was looking for very basic simple tabs to get me started. Or even basic excersices a can practice not just songs so a can improve at changing notes/chords. I have searched online but mostly find stuff for the more advanced player. So Simply tabs or good practice excersizes would be perfect cheers. Also if you would like to share how you 1st started playing guitar I would be interested to see how others 1st found it.
I just started with tablature, one note at a time. It will get better quickly. I got some computer software that helped a lot too. There isn't a definite best way to begin, so just kinda go with the flow.

look through these lessons on UG. Then go from there they also have some decent videos on here. Also Youtube has a decent amount of material, though not all of it is reliable.
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a tryed the UG lessons the only 1 that a found usefull to me was reading tabs apart from that it all seem a bit advanced for me