I currently have a Keeley BD-2 Phat mod and really enjoy it. I was thinking of getting a Keeley TS-808. Anyone have any opinion if it's worth getting? Should I just stick with the Keeley BD-2?
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It's definitely worth getting. Some people say the Bluesdriver and the Tubescreamer are essentially the same thing, but I disagree. A Keeley TS808 is the way to go in terms of overdrive pedals. If you get one you won't be disappointed. And if you are, you can sue me.
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i've heard great things about the keeley ts-808. But all of his prices are so overpriced i would never buy anything from him. Much easier to do it for yourself. But if your not handy with a soldering iron and wanna pay the money, i've only heard great things about them
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