Well here it is, we have our firs gig in about a week, and i have benn told yesterday, that another band will e playing with us. Its suposed to be a GNR cover band (or did he say a GNR wannabe band, not sure), and i was thinking of asking them to play a song together with our band. I was thinking of playing Knocking On Heavens door for obvious reasons:
-its a really easy song
-we already have it on our setlist, and we include a guitar battle in it
-it would probably a pretty good closing song

I was thinking that one singer would sing the firs verse, the other the second and sing the choruses together. Also there could be a 'guitar battle' after each chorus, first both rhythm guitars, and then both leads. Did anyone do anything similar? Is it doable in a week? How could we harmonize the drummers so they wouldnt interfier with each other? And most of all, would it look really cool, or does it have a high potential of coming out reeeeealy bad?
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ive done it with originals, and only with bands i was friends with. i usually just have dueling vocals.
First of all take in account that you would need 2 drum sets, 2 bass amplifiers and 4 guitar amplifiers. If you have all of that (which is weird to have 2 drum sets at the same time, usually you find 1 drum set, 1 bass amp and 2 guitar amps) then try to do it with less people, rather than 4 guitars and 2 basses try using the two lead guitarist, one drummer, one bassist and the two lead singers.

What I've done once was something similar where like me and my groups bass player joined the drummer and the lead singer of the other group which played after us to do a Rush Medley, but we practice that as if we where a separate band so you need to practice a lot really, and it was not my first gig so if it is a first gig try to keep it single.
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Quote by usedillusions
First gig? Keep it very simple.


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kepping it simple it is! i thought it was a little complicated, even for me, the complicated plan fanatic.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Not only all that....what about the complications for the live sound setup?

In a typical gig, the live sound will have a few mics on the drums (or maybe one or two if it is a teeny tiny place), an input for bass, two inputs for guitars, and 3-4 reserved for vocals.

Band 1 sets up and does their thing. As the stage is torn down and band 2's gear is brought up, the new bass rig gets routed to the same input that band 1 used. The guitar mics are moved back into position, and remain in the same two inputs as they were with band 1. The vocal mics stay as-is.

Now... keep all band 1's gear in place.... and try running sound for all of band 2's gear on stage too.....

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You're really over estimating what you'll be able to do feasibly at a gig.