I'm slowly starting to get back into playing guitar. But my taste in music has changed a lot since I used to play and a lot of the bands I listen to now use Drop Db and Drop C tuning. I already figured out Drop C tuning but am having trouble with Drop Db. Any help?

when they say "a step" that's tuning down two notes (for example: from E to D : E ---> Eb (or D#) ---> D).
therefore, when they say half step you have to tune down just one note.
to tune in dropped Db (or dropped C#), you have to tune every single note half step down (that would be Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb), and then the sixth string a whole step down, so the final tuning will remain like this: Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Db
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thats the part im not getting. what do i do to tune down a half step

Play 4th fret Low E and open A. Retune the open A to match 4th fret Low E. From there, tune as you normally would (5th fret A -> open D, etc.)

To get to Db, when you're in Eb tuning, play 12th fret Low E and open D. Retune the Low E to match the D.

Hope that helps!
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