Have you or anyone you know worked the night shift?

If so, how did it affect you?

I'm trying to decide whether to take a job at a local Lindt Chocolate Factory, but they're only hiring for the night shift.

Your response may influence my actions.
My dad.

He was grumpy a lot, it messed with his sleeping... as to be expected.
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its good money. But after a while it just ****s with you man. You wont be able to do shit with anyone cus u operate on different schedules.

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A friend of mine works only graveyard shifts, kinda messes up the sleeping situation.
Your sleeping pattern is going to suffer, but who cares? It's a god damn chocolate factory.
I've worked night shift at Tim Hortons.
It's nice and quiet, gives you a lot of time to think, and since there'ss usually no boss around, you can listen to your mp3 player.
But since you'll go to bed at like 7:00 AM-ish, wake up at 3 PM-ish, you'll waste your day, more or less.
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Yeah I worked night shift for a while. not that bad since my friends worked during the day i slept through that, hung out with them, then off to work... and yeah
no manager (usually) around. really empty and quiet. but since its a factory, might be a bit different.
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Yeah I'm working night shift at woolworths now. My advice to you is dont do it. Its good money, which was what drew me to it, but it screws up your body clock, so even if you want to have a normal day, you cant because you get tired. Im at uni as well so its hard for me but if you're gonna work full time i guess it would be ok, just be prepared to have your social life seriosuly dampened too.
Harsh words I know, but I could be slightly biased as i hate my job anyway.
Aparently you don't live as long if you do it as a full-time career.

That's just statistics though.
All of my friends, save for one, are telling me to go for it.
None of them have ever worked a night shift before.

I'm thinking I'm gonna go for it. Even if it's only temporary I need the money really bad.
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I worked nights at Sea World for a while. It was awesome cuz I got to feed Shamu.

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holy f*** THE shamu???
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i did it for a few weeks inbetween jobs and its really not that bad, all you have to realise is that you are the opposite to normal workers, so when they are alseep you are at work and when they work you are asleep.

so say you work 11:30 - 7:30 (what i did) you can sleep from 8 - 4 and still go out at night to see mates or whatever,

and you can stay up longer on the weekends to keep in the sleeping pattern
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As long as it's a fixed schedule it shouldn't be too awful.
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Its easy doing nights.

Your work to pay ratio is amazing compared to day shift

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I'm thinking about asking to switch to nights at my job because it's the only way I can get more hours, I stay up late lots anyway though.