Eh, recorded this video probably a year ago, and stuck it on youtube for a friend to see, and never bothered taking it down.

Noticed it was on there today, so I figured I would post it and see what people think, however it was at least a year ago that it was recorded, so I think I've improved quite a bit. Even still some feedback is always fun


PS. ignore the pulling teeth cover I'm clearly not a bass player
Could use some work, watch those bends. The pinch harmonics were lacking oomph too. Otherwise, you kept it pretty clean. Good job though! Haven't heard that song in a while. Good to hear it.

Check out mine?

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I agree wholeheartedly that was at the point where pinch harmonics were sort of guess work for me. I wasn't exactly sure how I was even doing them, or at least how to be consistent, so I think I was happy I even got it to work

Thanks for the feedback

I am checking out yours momentarily.