Ok, I want an analog overdrive pedal that wont hurt my tone. I have a boss overdrive pedal but it sounds.... fake. And it sucks upon my tone.... I want something that sounds like you cranked the amp up and doesnt drain my tone. Any suggestions?
What amp?
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Tis a fender hot rod deluxe... I know, not the best amp for distortion but im not playin anything that requires a lot of it. I just need somethin to push it a lil bit more. I'd use the drive channel but its just too noisey.
And what price range?
Tube screamers are a very popular choice.
Or maybe a Fulltone OCD.
Anything thats not wildly expensive. Im sellin my Ds-1 and Bd-2 to help pay for it.

The Blues driver sounds nice but it sucks tone... it makes me sad.
the new digitech hardwire is actually pretty good imo. im still sticking to my TS-9. gives a nice treble and mid boost. good amount of gain andsustain in the dirty channel without changing sound too.
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I think the OCD is the most transparent for most amps. TS-808 and TS-9s arent too bad, but they do give you a mid boost.