Here where I live, campy means gay. Just letting you know.
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Probably Joe Jackson.
Patterns In The Ivy present ethnicity on an intriguing and dedicated level. ~Ambient Exotica
A mesmeric melange of yearning voice, delicate piano and carefully chosen samples. ~Lost Voices
Top 5 Songwriters (for me)

1. Bob Dylan
2. Bruce Springsteen
3. Elvis Costello
4. Lennon/McCartney
5. Warren Zevon
kurt cobain
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One day, when the time has come,
The truth will shine, we'll never run.
We both know just how feel,
I'm praying to god that this is real.
Noel Gallagher. i love the simplicity/"copying" of other artists.

Thom Yorke.

John Lennon/Paul McCartney.

Kurt Cobain.

Dave Grohl.
Cliff Burton
Thom Yorke
Billy Corgan
Prince (no ****ing joke, he rules)
My Anti-Drug
1. John Lennon
2. Paul McCartney
3. Bob Dylan
4. Brian Wilson
5. Thom Yorke
1. Bob Dylan
2. Lennon/McCartney
3. Neil Young
4. George Harrison
5. Thom Yorke
Michael Pinnella and Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
Bruce Dickinson
Steve Harris
Mikael Akerfeldt
Tony Iommi
Eddie Vedder
Dave Matthews
James Taylor (surprised to be the first to mention him)
Sting (similar surprise)
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Of course I don't wanna go in the woods. There's bears in there.

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Jeff Ament is a sexy sexy beast.

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Yes. Chest hair = automatic awesome. Even if you're a woman.
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Here where I live, campy means gay. Just letting you know.

It means that nowhere me laddo, campy means like kinda fruity and over the top - kinda like that Rocky Horror stuff.
Tim Rogers
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Groll you're a bloody genius

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im "talking" to the future greatest director in the world

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