Kill me from the inside

I found my happiness
Your glow lights my way
Dreams full of silliness
Laughing at what I say

There I lay in our bed
Floating on my clouds
A river of peace inside me
Until I hear your sounds

Go on berate me
Then tell me that you love me
Kill me from the inside
Have no mercy on me
I lie here in pieces
Yet you choose to harm me
And kill me from the inside
When you lay yourself upon me

I found my happiness
In the things you used to say
Now all I feel is coldness
On the bed we used to play

And I miss our laughter
And nights we lay around
I drift into my dreams
Until I hear your sounds


Lay yourself upon
Go on lay yourself upon me
Kill me from the inside
And take what you want from me

This is of course about how a relationship that started out so perfect, at least in this persons mind, is not so perfect anymore.
great lyrics
maybe one verse longer or have a bridge but other than that it's perfect