Im sorry for those of you have read every single one of my threads. I want the best combination of gear that will make me happy. I am thrilled about the new Peavey Vyper series but I dont know why so many people talk trash about modeling amps. I chose the Peavey over Line 6 after seeing how many models Peavey had. But I also have considered getting a Randall G3 200 and buying a used Boss GT8 to go with it. I would like some help on narrowing it down.
The Vypyrs are pretty good. I really like mine. You should give them a try. If you buy one get a 30 watt or bigger so you can get the Sanpera II pedal Peavey makes for the Vypyr series. It allows you to control most of the Vypyrs features with your feet and it has a built in vol/expression/wah pedal.