So ive wrote a few thrash type songs. Now im trying to come up with a decent solo. im using the right scales and all of that but i just can get anything to sound write. any tips?
Try to hear the kind of solo you want in your head, and then try to play that. It may take some time depending on your ear, but it would be well-worth it.
yeah, I would say base it off of what daniel said.

And for the record, soloing Is NOT all about uber fast shredding speed with six string sweeps. Its just the guitar, playing solo.

Like daniel said, come up with something you'd like in your head then try to match it, whenever I come up with some solos I try to do that, and most of the time I come up with something way better (usually accidentally). Sure it will take some time, once again like daniel said, depending on your ear.

Good luck though.
just improvise until you find something you like... then remember it an play it. do this enough times and you will get enough licks to throw together for a full solo. you can always make changes once you have the general layout
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Thrash goes well with legato. If you're not sure what legato is, there's a description and technique's in Freepower's sticky in advanced techniques. Got me where I am, I suggest you check it out and incorporate the techniques for a congruous sound.
or just be like kirk hammett and play cheesy blues licks really fast lol
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"