so i decided to start learning to improvise. ive learned some scales, but im not sure how to put it. i know the scale but cant "apply it"? i can play the scale but i cant do anything with them. take the pentatonic scale for example. i can play it, but cant pull anything of my own out of it. any comments, opinions?
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You just play what feels right in the music within the scales.. bending helps too...

Musician Talk may be able to help you out also.

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My teacher has said that music has it's own punctuation. Using the root note as a period is your punctuation in guitar phrase. So if you're playing the pentatonic scale (blues scale) you're going to want to end your phrases on an A note. I'm going to assume you know the full scale - so remember that position 1 (5th fret) starts on A, position 2 (position 7, starts on 8th fret) starts on the C note. The 5 notes in the blue scale (pentatonic = 5 note scales.) are A-C-D-E-G.

Say the names of the notes in each scale position as you play them. Trust me this helps.

Yeah, if you don't understand something about it feel free to PM me.
Do you know the A minor pentatonic? That scale is pretty much what rock is based around. It's a very easy scale to improv off of. It can be applied to many different styles of music, and moved all around the guitar. THe second half of the solo for Seek and Destroy by Metallica has a lot of it written off of it, and I'd suggest looking at it for ideas.
The entire stairway to heaven is written in modes of a minor. And the entire solo IS the a minor pentatonic scale that covers the entire fretboard.
try to work out and play 3 or 4 note phrases that sound good to you.

also, just practice moving up and down the scale to a rhythm in your head. (dont be strict about the notes you play)

also think of something in your head and try to practice it.

ultimately though, good impro only comes through countless hours of doodling.