so i am going to buy a new guitar(for metal and hard rock), and i was wondering what the best choice was. i was thinking about getting the dc-127 with rosewood fretboard , a floyd rose trem, dot inlays, jumbo frets. i was gonna eventually swap the pickups out for a duncan jb/59 set or some dimarzios. the carvin would cost about 1,300. as far as the mh-1000 goes, my local music store said they would sell it to me and swap the emgs out and give me duncans for basically no charge, so it would cost about $ 1000. what are your opinions?
The Carvin, they just feel so good. But it's always possible that you wouldn't like the feel of them.
Well personally, if you go with the Carvin, I wouldn't switch out the pickups as Carvin pickups work quite well for everything and the difference wouldn't be that great. As far as between the two guitars, its really whichever you like better. The Carvin is essentially a custom shop guitar that you pick the features for, but at an extra cost than other stock guitars, but its still priced quite low.
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well i have tried the dc-127 and i thought it had great access to the upper frets, but the neck wasn't quite as comfortable to me as the ltd. idk. i mean i suppose i could always get used to a the neck, but when i picked up the ltd it just felt better in my hands, even though the carvin had better access to the upper frets. so that kinda turned me on to the ltd. i know that carvins are made with care and are great quality, but i hear that ltds, well the 1000 series at least, are very high quality and well made guitars as well.
If you've played both then go with whichever one you preferred.

For carvin though, you can buy a guitar and return it in 10 days no questions asked really. You can also choose the fretboard radius, which can mean a huge difference on the feel of the neck.
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