I'm a beginning guitarist and recently got an amp. But I'm having some trouble getting the right settings for the sound I want with my Squier strat. I'm trying to get these sounds specifically.



I should be able to build other sounds from these sounds and hopefully get me on my way. Thanks for any help
Try having treble at 8-10, bass at 4-5, mids at 4-6, I guess. Not too much gain. Apart from that, use a hair delay.
You won't be able to get those sounds without a nicer amp. Does your guitar have humbuckers or single coils?


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You can probably do a search on this forum or google for Spider settings, but otherwise you are SOL on this forum as all anyone wants to do is flame Spider users (especially those that have never played them and think they are being cool by saying Spiders are crap, which they are, but there is nothing wrong with them for a beginner. However, there are cheaper old Fender SS amps that can be found for around $40 that sound much better than a Spider and get better distortion tones with a pedal).
I have single coils. And yeah, I know they're crap, because I've been messing around with it forever and can't get anything good out of them, but seeing as I don't have too much money and can't really buy a new one, I got to make lemonade.