i just dl'd it and unzipped it. Then installed it but there is icon ar anything anywhere just like a thing that says installation and authorization....and its only a pdf file

BTW any similar software??
Morpheus Droptune
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I don't know about that, I found a good Amplitube2 on PirateBay but it's Mac. Guitar Rig I hear is pretty good, of course GarageBand, Also Maudio has JamLab which is pretty affordable, I usually stick to GarageBand though, however I'll often run Amplitube into Garage band because I love that Phaser
Well I only tried the interface of amplitube, and have Guitar Rig.
From the interface and what they have, Guitar Rig is better IMO. But as I said, I didn't hear how amplitube sounds. Guitar Rig sounds great.