Ok so when I started guitar I found a guitar in our attic.

Its a jet black arbor tele, and I cant find any type of model number on it or anything.

So when I got my peavey for christmas I decided I didnt need it any more, then gave it to one of my friends.

that thing must have been at LEAST 12 years old.

My uncle gave it to my dad, and my dad put it in the attic around that time so i dont know if its worth anything.

if I want though I can just take it back from my friend.

Anybody ever heared of the brand?
Yea my friend had an Arbor electric with a Strat-type body. It had 1 humbucker at the bridge, and 2 single coils which all were Arbor brand. It wasn't a bad little guitar, but it wasn't nothing special either. Just a typical off-brand instrument to be honest. Also a local pawn shop has an Arbor 12 string on the wall. It had a nice neck on it, but a very thin finish that looks like the Gibson Faded Series guitars now haha

Nothing special, but not a terrible brand either. So you're not missing out on much
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