Every time i plug it in i hear no sound from the guitar. but right when i stick it in the input i hear a loud screech at first. and i know its not the cord or the guitar
Sounds like either the cord or the guitar to me.

Gear forum can answer better, take it there.
make sure to check the volume knobs on your guitar etc...

also, do you have a pedal wired in between the amp and guitar ?

it might have an effect that the pedal is controlling the volume and not the amp, that has happened to me before.
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Take it to a repair shop? Not much else anybody's gonna be able to tell you.
Try turning up the volume and tone knobs
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are you going through any pedals? I one plugged my guitar into the output and the amp in the input of a distortion pedal and had a similar sound come out
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I bet you its the damn cord. I had this same problem with my first cord, and i ripped apart my amp to figure out what was broken. Turned out, it was just the damn cord!
the first screech just gets louder when i turn it up, this is my second cord so its good,and i have no pedals. how much are most repairs like this?
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its your guitar, not your amp. it is making a screech because of the electricty in your fingers. Most likely, The ground wire in your guitar is loose. it is the black one. get someone who knows what they are doing to soulder it back to it's connection.