Ok, so I have been working at my new job for a bit now and making some ok money. So now I'm planning on purchasing a new amp. The tone I'm trying to get is reminiscent of All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder, All That Remains, and Opeth so your basic high gain metal but also some good cleans.

I'm also planning on getting an avatar 4x12 contemporary cab loaded with v30s or a mix of v30s and G12T75s but I was also wondering what are some of your guys recommendations for specker choice.

Now my first choice would definitely be an Engl Invader 100 but they're quite expensive,but if its the best choice then I'll get saving, so heres a list of some other
amps i've been thinking about and any help is greatly appreciated.

Engl Invader 100
Engl Powerball
Orange Rockerverb 50
Mesa/Boogie Roadster
Krank Rev+
Carvin V3

So that is what I'm basically looking at and if you have any further questions just ask and thanks for any input
Well my budget is basically how much I can save but I don't want to spend a fortune on an amp that I think is good but could get a better one for a lower price for example the Engl Invader.

The music I like to play is high gain metal but I would definitely like some good cleans. I also recently joined a band and my solid state peavey can keep up somewhat but i mean its definitely no tone machine. Now there is also another problem there is a used 5150 II at my local shop I didnt ask how much but I will next time but I was wondering would I be better off getting that with a noise suppressor and a reverb and chorus pedal for the clean channel then getting one of the higher end heads?

Once again thanks for any input
The Krank or the ENGLS. Don't even bother with the other stuff.

The ENGLs do basically 2 things. Hi-gain metal, and preety good clean tones. Both really good for what they are.
If you have access to a 5150 in good condition at a decent price, I would definitely check that out. You listed Krank above, those are brutal amps but as far as a clean channel they're pretty average...they sound a little tinny in my opinion. I would say the same for Mesa's, but they have a good deal more low end. Marshalls have a good balance but you might sacrifice on the high gain factor comparatively.
All Shall Perish FTMFW!
Don't expect great cleans from a 5150. I mean, I've heard usable cleans, but deffinatly not anything great. If it were me, I'd check out a used Engl Fireball. JMO.
Thanks for the input. I probably going to go with Engl now either the Fireball which i have heard is like a 5150 but sounds heavier and has a good clean channel or the Powerball. I'll still check out the price of the peavey just to see if its a decent price and maybe think about but I'm definitely leaning more towards Engl.
So I recently checked out the price of the used Peavey 5150 ii head and its $550 which is a fairly good price and I was wondering what you guys think?