I have been getting alot of books lately and i am a little confused on a the format for the Piano, Vocal, and Guitar books they put out. My question is which lines of music is for the guitar? usually there are two treble clef or G clefs and one bass clef or C clef. Im guessing that the one with both the treble and bass are piano and the solitary treble clef is the guitar? and im also guessing that that same treble is used for vocal too. So what is it?
there should be instructions in the books youve bought i.e. a legend for the score
but if not, there should be a bass line for the piano left hand then a treble for the piano right hand. treble for guitar and bass for bass and depending upon the vocals there could well be bass, alto or treble cleff
if you have a recording of the song you could figure it out by reading the score and matching it to different pieces