..or have the ads at the top of the page gotten EXTREMELY aggressive. it used to be that they would only jump out if i scrolled over them but now they just ninja themselves at the worst times. it seems that everytime i leave a thread and click on The Pit the ad pops up half a second before i click so when i do it takes me to their annoying ass page. anyone else pissed off about these ads besides me?
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Go download Firefox and install the adblock extension. You'll never see another ad again.
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A Wild Popup Appears!

Firefox, Go!

Firefox, Block Popup!

It Flee!

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Firefox +ad-block plus = no ads ever

so you need Firefox, and ad-block plus to solve your problem. math don't lie.
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What ads?
Like previously said, Firefox plus Adblock. NoScript helps a lot, too.
I haven't seen a pesky UG ad (or ads on other sites) in a long f*cking time.
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